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Our History


Hull Property Group is a full service retail real estate company headquartered in Augusta, Georgia. Founded in 1977 by James M. Hull, the company has grown to be one of the largest privately owned retail real estate companies in the United States with an owned portfolio in excess of 16 million square feet.

Our Mission


Hull Property Group strives to facilitate a transformational improvement to the enclosed mall and surrounding retail node in communities across the United States. All company employees across departments and locations work to fulfill this mission.

Our Vision


Hull Property Group aims to acquire and reposition retail properties by working within the community to rebuild and strengthen the retail landscape. Whether it is renovating a dated mall or demolishing to redevelopment the company prides itself on working collaboratively to create a shopping environment that meets the needs of the community. 


Through strategic investments and a disciplined, hands-on approach to ownership and management, the company has been successful in operating its properties in the most efficient manner possible while providing a high degree of service to tenants and customers. 


As a financially strong, long-term holder of real estate with experience repositioning underperforming retail properties, the company continues to acquire and successfully revitalize enclosed malls, shopping centers and big box retail facilities across a growing number of locations.


We believe that every community should have a first class enclosed shopping mall as part of a robust and defined retail corridor. 


The new realities of retail have made it difficult for enclosed fashion malls and previously successful retail corridors to survive without steady ownership and unwavering stewardship. However, these properties are too important to fail. 


An enclosed mall and the surrounding retail corridor is a vital part of any community as it generates valuable sales and ad valorem taxes that can be reinvested into the community. Moreover, a successful defined retail corridor serves to attract additional desired retail and restaurants and builds community pride among its citizens. 


All communities need their enclosed mall and the surrounding retail corridor to succeed as it is a symbol of a thriving community. Our business is dedicated to uncovering the potential of these out-of-favor malls and declining retail corridors. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities and are steadfast in our mission to transform these properties. 


We are proud of our company’s track record of success and look forward to working with your community.


Best wishes.

Owner and Managing Principal

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