Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions. Don't see what you're looking for, CLICK HERE to reach out to us and we will get back with you!

Who do I contact for issues and questions?

We have several departments that you may need to contact from time to time. Our Property Management team deals with things like HVAC problems and other Mall maintenance. Our Leasing department would be the best contact for questions on your lease. The Marketing team works on Mall events and social media/digital signage content. You can reach out to any of our departments via Contact Us on the Tenant Portal.

Am I able to come in early or leave later than the normal Mall operating hours?

Yes! The Mall entrances are unlocked an hour before normal operating hours for tenant employees to enter the building and prepare for the day. To stay past normal Mall hours, you will need to coordinate with a security guard at the Mall who can provide you with an after-hours request form. This should be completed and turned in for approval at least three days prior to your requested hours.

Can I host my store's event in center court?

Yes, you can! Just submit your request HERE for approval. Be sure to attached the Marketing License Agreement also found on that page. If you are holding an event in your store there is no need to submit a request.

How do I pay rent?

All rental payments are due on or before the first of each month unless otherwise stated in your Lease Agreement. Reference your welcome letter on where to mail in your check and who to make your check out to. There you will also find your monthly rental amount. If you have another question or still are not sure, reach out to our Leasing Department HERE.

How do I transfer Utilities to me? Who is the Utility Provider?

This varies based on your Mall location. You will need to contact the utility providers within fifteen days of the start of your lease unless otherwise stated. If you have other questions regarding this, reach out to our Property Management Department HERE or contact your Mall Manager.

What is the Mall Manager’s contact information?

You can find your Mall Manager's contact information at this link:

How do I submit my sales report?

Complete the form found HERE (PDF) and send an email to

Does the Mall have any marketing channels available to help promote my store?

Yes! The Mall has four main ways to help promote Mall tenants.

You can submit any events, sales, hot products, etc happening in your store and we will create an ad to be to be posted on the Mall’s Electronic Readerboard (where applicable) and the Facebook page. You can promote your store in our Fashion Insider newsletters distributed electronically to thousands of subscribing customers by submitting an item for one of our upcoming gift guides! The Mall hosts several Mall-run events throughout the year and we love to have Mall Tenants participate! You can find a list of Mall events available HERE.

To submit an item for any of these options, please visit the STORE MARKETING page and complete the form.